A family-run dental practice, we offer both cutting-edge tech and staff who care
Microscopic dentistry – your guarantee of the best dental care there is
Dental hygienist services will help you prevent caries and periodontitis and get that shining smile
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Dent Eliášova operates state-of-the-art technology and uses high-quality materials and equipment to bring our patients dental care in the comfort of our air-conditioned offices, reachable by the metro at Hradčanská station.

Our Services

We provide high-quality, painless dental care that lasts and looks great.
Each and every patient is guaranteed a personal approach and treatment according to their needs and requirements.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is the treatment of caries and related health issues.

  • Thorough check-up
  • Painless and comfortable treatment
  • Latest in filling materials
  • Highly aesthetic results


Endodontics is the treatment of tooth root canals issues ultimately aiming to preserve the tooth in the oral cavity.

  • Treatment necessary in case of tooth nerve infection and/or necrosis
  • Tooth functionally intact
  • Requires disinfecting and cleaning out root canals
  • Dental surgical microscope used to guarantee highest quality of treatment

Dental Prosthetics

Dental prosthetics serve as replacements for missing teeth or whole groups of teeth.

  • Full ceramic zirconia crowns
  • Cosmetic dental veneers
  • Full ceramic bridges
  • Removable dentures

Microscopic Dentistry

Dental procedures in which a dental surgical microscope is used to treat the patient.

  • Up to 32x magnification used
  • Utmost precision in treatment
  • Highest-standard treatment available
  • High-precision diagnostics

Dental Hygienist Services & Teeth Whitening

Dental hygienist services will help you prevent caries and periodontitis and get that shining smile

  • Tartar and plaque removal
  • Personalised training on correct teeth-brushing technique
  • Combined in-chair/home teeth whitening for guaranteed long-lasting results

Dental Implants

Dental implants are your reliable replacement for missing teeth.

  • Fixed-replacement solution for missing teeth
  • Swiss-made implants by Camlog used applied here
  • Long lifespan

Family-run dental practice

Dent Eliášova is a family-run dental practice within walking distance of Hradčanská metro station. We are always here for you, since 1995.

MDDr. Zuzana Lichnovská


MUDr. Milan Lichnovský


MDDR. Jan Štecha


Marie Horáková, DiS.

Dental hygienist

Šárka Niklová, Dis


At Dent Eliášova, we are partnered with the following insurance providers:

111 – Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna ČR (VZP)
201 – Vojenská zdravotní pojišťovna ČR (VoZP)
207 – Oborová zdravotní pojišťovna (OZP)
211 – Ministry of the Interior Public Health Insurance Fund (ZP MV ČR)

Below are guide prices for various treatments; there may be variation in the prices within a certain range as dictated by the amount of work, material, and time it takes to provide the treatment in question. Patients are presented with pricing arranged for their particular situations on check-up by the medical staff.

This list contains only the most common treatments; the full pricing list is available at our reception desk.

Initial check-up
Covered by insurance
Initial check-up; uninsured patient
CZK 1,000
Regular check-up
Covered by insurance twice a year
Regular check-ups; uninsured patient
CZK 500
Intraoral dental X-ray
Covered by insurance
Intraoral dental X-ray; uninsured patient
CZK 120
Panoramic dental X-ray
Covered by insurance
Panoramic dental X-ray; uninsured patient
CZK 700
Anaesthetics application
Covered by insurance
Anaesthetics application; uninsured patient
CZK 150
Surface anaesthesia application (injection site numbing)
CZK 100
Extraction site dressing & suturing
CZK 1,000
Light-cured composite resin (white) filling, 1 side
starting from CZK 2,000 based on treatment extent
Light-cured composite resin (white) filling, 2 sides
starting from CZK 2,500 based on treatment extent
Light-cured composite resin (white) filling, 3 sides
starting from CZK 3,000 based on treatment extent
Long-term-temporary fluoride-releasing filling
CZK 1,000–2,000 based on treatment extent
High-frequency-vibration gum treatment
CZK 500
Endodontic (microscope) treatment
starting from CZK 5,000
Caries treatment; child patient
starting from CZK 500
Post-endodontics tooth restoration & glass fibre-reinforced resin treatment
CZK 2,500
Metal-ceramic crown applied without microscope
starting from CZK 8,500
Full ceramic zirconia crown applied using microscope
starting from CZK 13,000
Full ceramic zirconia crown applied without microscope
starting from CZK 8,500
Full ceramic Emax crown
starting from CZK 15,000
Temporary crown
CZK 1,500
Ceramic/composite overlay
starting from CZK 10,000
Dental hygienist services, 1h
CZK 1,700
Dental hygienist services, 45min
CZK 1,275
Dental hygienist services, 30min
CZK 850
AirFlow – stain removal
CZK 300
Sub-gingival tartar removal in periodontic disease patient, 1h
CZK 1,900
Combined in-chair/home teeth whitening (Purewhitening)
CZK 9,000

Our address

Eliášova 19, Praha 6, 160 00

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